How Your Mind Lights Up When You Embark on Self-Care

You’re well aware of what exercise does for your body, right? You lose weight and feel great, so it’s a no-brainer to start moving your body. However, that’s just one aspect of self-care, an overarching effort to improve your well-being by getting enough sleep, eating right, and saying “no” to never-ending demands on your time and energy. The latter is important because it allows you to relax, and the mental health benefits of that simple gesture are extraordinary.

Relief from stress will lift your mood and boost your self-esteem while providing some needed clarity to sort out your thoughts before bed. Unwinding can easily be done at home, whether it’s with a foot rub, a warm bath, some breathing exercises, or a session of meditation, which is one of the most effective self-care practices you can do. Of course, it’s easier if you set up a quiet space free from distraction where you can breathe easy and concentrate.

If you’re ready to get started, here’s a closer look at how your mind benefits from learning to really chill out and take care of yourself for a change.


You’re likely under a lot of pressure at work and in your social life. Self-care has numerous ways to deal with this so can find that peaceful place you’ve been searching for. Meditation, for example, shuts off the anxious chatter in your head, so you’re at one with the present, and that’s therapeutic in itself. You’ll get the same effect through reading, knitting, or playing the piano.


Although a little stress is helpful in boosting performance in a competitive environment, too much can make it hard to complete tasks, set goals, and achieve them. By calming your mind through meditation and other relaxation techniques, you’ll be able to put things in perspective, and that allows you to determine what’s really important in becoming who you want to be and eliminating any distractions from your life. That clears the path forward.


It’s bound to grow after you begin practicing self-care as you’ve made yourself a priority rather than putting your colleagues and friends in front of you. And that’s not all. According to a writer with HealthyPlace, making yourself feel mentally and physically well takes that a step further, and it’s as simple as nurturing your body at the spa or having a tasty and healthy meal.


Now you know where you want to go and how to get there. What’s more, that boost in confidence makes every step along the way look less daunting because you’re capable of overcoming obstacles. These factors give you much more hope in the future, whether that means advancing in your career or relocating to a new city. It’s self-reinforcing, as self-care gives you more energy to keep on moving. That’s momentum.


You know when you’re at work and trying to concentrate on a task but your mind keeps wandering? Yes, letting yourself relax can help with that, too. Remember that you need to make yourself a priority, and sometimes that means stepping back from what you’re doing and taking a breather — literally. A writer with Fast Company has a technique that involves little more than inhaling and exhaling in a pattern to regain your focus.


That newfound confidence of yours makes it much easier to easier to walk up to a stranger at a party and start a conversation, and that may just lead to a new friendship or even something romantic. In fact, you may not have to make the first move, as taking care of yourself will give you a certain magnetism that others find attractive, according to MindBodyGreen. Now your social life is bound to get exciting.

All of that sounds tempting, doesn’t it? There’s no reason not to head off in this direction. Remember, it’s all based on practical actions that make you feel better and more healthy. You can even start with something relaxing like a hot bath. You’ve earned it.

Brad Krause is a life coach, writer and owner of SelfCaring. He focuses on offering advise and inspiration on how to make self-care a priority Read more articles here .

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