New Year, New ME

The other day I went to the gym and there was not a single space to workout in, the gym was literally packed and I thought to myself “wow, maybe things have changed and people realized how important exercise is”, but then I heard the woman standing close to me saying to her friend what her new year resolutions are and getting fit was one of it.

Of course after the crazy Christmas break with all the food and alcohol consumed everyone will rush to the gym and exercise like crazy for the first few weeks, since the list of the things that need to be changed for the new year includes “drink less, exercise more, lose weight, and eat healthy”. All of these will be slowly slowly forgotten as soon as everyone goes back to everyday busy life.

This year, just for a change make your new year’s resolutions last for the whole year and not for just that night or just the first few weeks. Being healthy, active and fit should become your lifestyle. It is ok if people turn around and discourage you by telling you that it is a cliché going to the gym the first week of January and that you won’t stick with it. Maybe this year you should stick to your resolution list because after all it’s quite fun to do the impossible.

#health #fitness

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