i'm trying to think of the last time i had onions... in my socks

Onions make you cry, but this small and brief pain could be easily forgotten by the fact that onions can also help us to combat diseases. These vegetables are cultivated worldwide and are used in many different ways by different cultures.

Beyond that are edible and are added to foods for flavour, some people make pickle and store them, while others cut in half and clean the grill, and some even place them in the evening inside their socks to help the body recover.

Yes, this is what you just correctly read. Onions help fight colds, fevers and flu symptoms. This practice goes back to ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese discovered that there were thousands of nerve endings in the bottom of our feet, which serve as points of access to internal organs and is closely related to the nervous system.

When a cut onion is placed on the underside of the foot, it kills germs and bacteria because onions inherently have strong antibacterial and antiviral capabilities.

The phosphoric acid, which is responsible to make us cry, enters the circulatory system and helps to purify the blood throughout the body. So we become healthier and the body is better prepared to fight infections and inflammations.

Many have tried this alternative method and claim that is amazing and that is encouraging, and without any negative side effects, it seems that onions could benefit many people. Here's how to try it home:

  • Take an onion, red or white - and both do work - and slice it so it can be placed at the bottom of the foot.

  • Put a pair of socks over the onions, to stay in their place and go to sleep.

  • When you wake up, take off the socks and discard onions.

It is so simple. As you are dreaming, the onion does the job; it goes through the skin and cleans the blood and absorbs the toxins. And what about the smell? If you're worried that the room will have an awful odour or your feet after that, you need to relax because there is no such a thing. The physical properties of the onion will clean the air, kill the bacteria, and in addition will help reduce the main agent that gives us smelly feet.

Onions socks may be just what your body needs; it is cheap and natural. Try it and see if it works.

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