10 +2 reasons to eat bananas

Bananas are not just for monkeys!! Bananas have many health benefits and you shouls add them in your daily diet.

  1. Bananas strengthen your immune system because they are high in vitamin C

  2. Bananas make your bones strong

  3. They are naturally fat and cholesterol free

  4. Bananas are high in potassium!! Potassium is a high and mighty mineral, given that it plays a significant role in some of the body’s most important functions: it aids in muscle development and energy metabolism, keeps your electrolytes balanced, and ensures that your heart is ticking as it should.

  5. They act as a post-workout muscle replenishment because of their large amount of potassium

  6. When you want to eat something sweet, have a banana!! They satisfy your sweet tooth, without throwing you off track

  7. Prevent muscle cramps during workouts and nighttime leg cramps due to the large amount of potassium.

  8. If you’re looking to lose weight, bananas reduce swelling and aid in weight loss

  9. They provide you with magnesium which boosts your mood and leaves you feeling happy

  10. Bananas control your blood sugar and help you stave off your hunger

  11. They give you a pre-workout energy boost, followed by a steady release of complex carbs which keep you going

  12. With a glycemic index of just 54 and with rich fiber, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and essential amino acids, bananas are above ordinary snacks

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