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Get fit in a week some people say, and I say SERIOUSLY? Who has discovered this magic trick that can actually change you in a week? Lets be real, in a week no one can get into shape, I am not saying that you cannot see some changes I am just saying that you cannot be fit and ready for the beach in a week, or in a month. I know it sounds amazing and easy but it’s actually not true, we need to exercise regularly and also eat healthy in order to achieve what we desire. There are no secret remedies to get into the shape you wish, there is only one way and this is dedication, and time.

All these promises about getting you your perfect body in a week or two are just not true, that’s probably the main reason why people get disappointed and quit. Instead of treating exercise and healthy eating as a punishment you should change your point of view and see it as an opportunity to live a better life as a better you, and I am not talking about your looks but I am actually talking about your health. So next time you see an advert promising to get you into shape as fast as possible remember that to actually get into shape you need to work hard and put time and effort into it, anything that comes easy will not stick with you for long.


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