Why do YOU want to be fit?

September 16, 2015


The other day while I was scrolling down on “facebook” I came across once again to another motivational quote about fitness; “I am going to eat right, I am going to train hard, I am going to give my best, I am going to trust the process, I am going to stay inspired.”


And I thought hmmm what do all these mean to me, and what do

they mean to every single one of us.  Nowadays, almost everyone has a personal trainer or goes to the gym to keep fit, what I am wondering though is, did any of you ever have think what does fit mean to you? Why do you want to be fit? Why do you want to train hard? And what does training hard means to you? Do you have the right reasons to want to be fit? Or is it just the trend that is around right now?


Stop for a second and think, and I am

sure you are going to realize what I have also realized after a lot of hours of training, health is beyond everything, if you train to be healthy, in shape and fit (call it whatever you wish) then the aesthetic part will come, and you will look better, and you will feel better and for sure you will be rocking those skinny jeans out. 


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