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At Habitual Movement, we define time as the moments that move you towards who you would like to be. A specific improvement in one area will benefit all areas, whereas a deficiency in any one area will delay progress in all areas. As a result, if you spend time today improving one element of your mind, body, or soul, everything will be a tiny bit better than it was yesterday. In the end, you are the only one who can bring out your finest self.

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A little bit about us

Habitual Movement promises to support you in becoming the most fully-developed person you can be—in your body and in your life—whether you are an exceptional performer like an athlete or simply an everyday hero trying to make the most of life.

It’s all about identifying what needs to be improved, and taking steps toward enhancing each area of your body. As humans it is important for us to become comfortable with moving on the ground and discovering ways to transition to a standing position whilst using as little energy used as possible. Furthermore being able to make a decision and then expressing it through movement is a crucial skill for any athlete to implement regardless of their practise or sport. By incorporating ground to standing transitions into your training regularly you will gain a great deal of confidence, and it will provide you with an understanding of multiple movement options which work to increase your strength and mobility.

Where we want to go

With a holistic approach to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, we are on a mission to empower as many people as possible. We believe that if individuals have access to the best tools and resources, they will be able to reach their full potential as human beings and spark a worldwide movement for the common good.

What is the purpose of "Body Optimisation"

"Body Optimisation" is a process, not a goal. A journey rather than the end goal. To live up to your potential at any given time is to be completely optimised. However, we also understand that if you stick with it, your potential today won't be the same as it will be in a year, so comparing yourself to yourself today would be inaccurate. You only need to be aware of how the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected to begin optimising the right away.

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