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Transform your life by improving your fitness, health and wellbeing. This can be achieved by incorporating different aspects of fitness.

Mobility · Strength · Cardiovascular Performance · Sports Performance

My approach is based on years of personal and professional experience. I allocate my time not only in training my clients but listening to and understanding their individual needs. Fitness is personal and everyone’s journey to reaching their goal is unique, but there are a few main points that make the difference in the results for each person.


In order to effectively achieve

your objective, it is important

to have professional advice.


You will struggle to achieve

your goals if you don’t have

100% commitment.

Fitness requires dedication. 


Implementing a regular and

balanced fitness routine is the

only thing that will make you

fit and healthy, there are no



Giving your body the time

it needs to rest and rebuild

will enhance your performance

and efficiency.



Step-by-step video workouts that are easy to execute at home or at the gym.

Online Programming. Does your training programme match your vision?

Personal Training

No gym, no problem. Workout in the comfort of your home or at the park.

Whether you seek fitness advice and video workouts, online training or personal training you are in the right place. Train with me at the comfort of your home, office or in person. 
Lose Weight
Get in shape
Nutition advice
Torch body fat
Gain strength
Look & feel great

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What People Say

Tom Aikens

Yoanna is a great personal trainer who truly understands your own bodies need & fitness level to determine what is the best approach to make for you personally, in order to get you into a great physical shape and feeling top of the world. Whether it's core strength, movability, physical endurance she's well adapted to get the best out of you to make you feel better than ever.

Matthias Stanisic

Yoanna is not only a great Personal Trainer, she is also a gifted teacher and more than that she has also become a personal friend. Her enthusiasm to constantly broaden her knowledge and to look beyond the immediate physical training to a holistic picture makes her a truly impressive professional.

Louise Kow

Yoanna is perceptive and intuitive. She has given me the confidence that while understanding my limitations, she gives me the push, and more importantly belief in myself that at my age, my body is still compliant (to a certain extent i.e.) and adaptable.

Liv Lowrie

Yoanna is a very talented and skilful personal-trainer. She has a unique and in-depth knowledge of the body’s anatomical and neurological structures and how this combines to affect the overall health and function in every client. I highly recommend her for all form of rehabilitation, fitness, general strength and flexibility work . She is a real body doctor!

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