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This eBook is available for Pre-sale. The official release date is on the 30th September 2018.





Tired of not seeing the weight-loss results you want? Discover the tricks that target fat loss and completely reinvent your shape.

No matter where you are at NOW, it’s time to finally make the decision to either stay the course and change things up to get you even better results, try something different, or even start your path down the physical elite road you were meant to follow.

Most people know that they have to eat right to look their best, but few know HOW to combine Training WITH eating right to shed the unwanted pounds and tone the wanted areas.


No matter if your new to this thing called fitness - training and  eating right all go hand in hand with getting results.

The biggest obstacle for EVERYONE is actually following something that has structure and sticking to it. Fortunately for those that are reading this, I have outlined a 16 week Plan that will get you the slim, tone and firm results you either want to improve on, or start getting.

In just 10 weeks you will start seeing amazing results already.*

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the exercise guide  and your nutrition are required for best results.

If you are having trouble viewing or accessing the file please email info@bodybyyoanna.com

What People Say

Tom Aikens

Yoanna is a great personal trainer who truly understands your own bodies need & fitness level to determine what is the best approach to make for you personally, in order to get you into a great physical shape and feeling top of the world. Whether it's core strength, movability, physical endurance she's well adapted to get the best out of you to make you feel better than ever.

Matthias Stanisic

Yoanna is not only a great Personal Trainer, she is also a gifted teacher and more than that she has also become a personal friend. Her enthusiasm to constantly broaden her knowledge and to look beyond the immediate physical training to a holistic picture makes her a truly impressive professional.

Louise Kow

Yoanna is perceptive and intuitive. She has given me the confidence that while understanding my limitations, she gives me the push, and more importantly belief in myself that at my age, my body is still compliant (to a certain extent i.e.) and adaptable.

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Ebook Level 1 Cover.JPG
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