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Being empowered is about being in control of your internal state regardless of what’s happening externally.

Yoanna Savva

Yoanna is the founder of Habitual Movement. She is a Strength and Mobility coach and combines these two practices in order to build a perfect balance of strength, alignment and body awareness. For Yoanna, optimal movement and strength are two key components to a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

Her background has been a relatively active one, consisting of Yoanna participating in many sports, including the likes of gymnastics, rowing, swimming, football and long distance running. Yoanna has certifications in various fields such as Natural Movement, Arthritis and Joint Health Optimisation, Calisthenics, Powerlifting, Mobility, Strength and Conditioning, and more.


Yoanna believes that movement is infinite. "There are so many ways to explore movement in our bodies. The more we advance in our practice the more we realise there is still so much to explore. It’s truly amazing. There are many ways to feel connected, and movement is the most gratifying. When it comes to strength training, we tend to overlook the importance of the basics. Most of us are too keen to rush in to the more advanced skills or programmes without first taking the time to lay solid foundations. By putting in the time, effort and concistency to buid a strong foundation of strength through full range of motion, more advanced skills can be unlocked simply by learning the motor pattern."

The reason Yoanna loves fitness is because it's so much more than burning calories and looking good, it fosters a connection with the body. It all starts with being active. When you feel connected to your body, you start to honour it more. You feel great, your body functions more efficiently and you think more clearly.

Habitual Movement exists as a transformational experience, both in person from selected locations in Kensington & Chelsea, or online from anywhere in the world.

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